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An amazing three-pillar service for the incredibly low price of one. In addition to the services described below, we also provide you with a few easy-to-follow helpful tips that will prevent computer problems from arising in the future and keep your money where it belongs - in your pocket. We also provide a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our services for any reason.

Slow Computer Optimization

We've all been there: you buy a new computer - it's slick, fast and shiny, - bring it home, use it for a few weeks, and... What happened? You brand new computer has become slow enough that you can take coffee breaks while waiting to open your email. There are many reasons for this: disk fragmentation, too many programs running simultaneously, unwanted spyware has invaded your personal files, computer manufacture's bloatware has gone a tad crazy trying to control your software, and others.

Lost & Deleted Data Recovery

Did you lose an important file? Did you accidentally deleted it from the trash and then realized you shouldn't have? Did your computer stop working, and it still contains important files? If you feel like ripping hair out of your head, you may want to relax. Lost data is easier to recover than lost hair! The most important thing to do is to STOP using your computer immediately - otherwise, file recovery may not be possible. Since deleted files still reside in memory for some time, we may still be able to restore them.

General Computer Problems

Are you having trouble with Microsoft Word? Is your Internet browser full of annoying ads and popups? Is your desktop cluttered with files and you don't know how they got there? Is your Skype having audio/video problems? Perhaps, you don't have any problem at all and simply would like to learn how do something like a "mail merge", or "red eye removal" for your photos, or linking your multiple email accounts into one. We can help you with all of these problems and much more to make your computer usage easier and more efficient.

Virus Prevention & Elimination

Large anti-virus corporations have done their job very well by creating a mass public scare about computer viruses. After all, an abundance of viruses and an irrational fear of them are good for business. But virus prevention is not just about having the most popular and the most expensive protection. The best protection is actually in the way you use your personal computer, and these practices are quick to learn and easy to follow. If you are convinced you have already been infected with viruses, we will certainly remove them for you.

Home Entertainment Systems

Would you like to wirelessly share movies from your laptop to your large screen TV? Or, perhaps, you would like to connect you brand new shiny apple TV? Maybe you want special software, such as Kodi or Boxee which imports videos and music from multiple sources in one place? There are many different way to set up home entertainment systems, and we will patiently work with you to make sure that every last detail is to your satisfaction. We will even hide those nasty cables (which other technicians often ignore) out of sight!

Network setup & troubleshooting

One of the most common complaints among users is that their Internet is down and their Internet Service Provider refuses to help because you prefer using your router to theirs. We have extensive experience with networking and won't shy away if you have a non-standard device. We can also help you set up a personal or small business network to link all of your computers so they can share music, pictures, movies and other files. We can also set up parental control to prevent your children from going where they shouldn't.

Software & Hardware Installation

Some hardware, such as USB sticks and headphones, work right out of the box without any skills required, but others: a printer, a web camera, a wireless mouse or keyboard, or a new router - may require a little more work. If you are not sure how to do it yourself or are afraid to try, no worries! We can help! We can also help you learn the new software that comes with your devices and can even make simple to use manuals upon request. That way you can use your computer instead of fearing to use it.

Operating System Installations

An operating system is the outer layer of your computer, a container in which all other applications sit. In other words, without an operating system, all you have is not a computer but a plastic box. An operating system re-installation is not typically required, but there are cases where system files are damaged or the computer is overrun with viruses, and no anti-virus can save it. In that case, you need not despair. We will reinstall your operating system, and your computer will be back to its happy self in no time.

Integrated File Backup Solutions

It is hard to find a person who has never lost an important file on his or her computer and regretted not having a backup. In the past, backups were cumbersome and required periodic manual intervention and reminders, but with current innovations such as Dropbox and Google Drive, backups can be done automatically to the cloud without you ever having to think about it. With automatic backups you have the peace of mind, the ability to return to previous versions of older files and even the option to locate your computer if it is stolen.